Your Tech Needs

Our modular platform provides your small business with custom branded apps that help drive your business forward. Business hours, events, locations on a 3D map, Augmented Reality, integration of your social media channels, push notifications to drive engagement, iBeacons for hyper local actions, and analytics to measure results.


Deliver value for your customers, drive up revenue, promote social media channels, and create analytic opportunities to help you make data driven decisions.

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We keep it simple. Full apps and technology, flat monthly fee based on your needs!

Payment options include traditional methods or pay via cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Per Month

Base Location finder, social feeds,
menus, in-app promos
Push Notifications To connect with customers +$25 / 10 pushes
In-App promos Spread the word on your deals +$15
Partners Add awareness of your partners +$10
Reports Monthly analytic reports +$10
iBeacons Connect and track customers +$50 per location


Get in touch with us to get started! We can have apps out for your business now!


Explore some features and functionality on what our platform can deliver on for your small business!