Next level tech for Expos
A product by ParksAndTek.com

With ExpoTek

Provide a seamless guest experience, drive engagement, increase revenue, and platform reports to provide data driven decisions.

Guest Experience

Provide a seamless experience for guest by helping them find venue offerings, connect with social media feeds, engage via Augmented Reality, chat in real time with others at the expo, or engage in promotional offerings.

Drive Engagement

Tapping into automation with iBeacons, geofences, NFC chips, and push notifications, you can connect with guest in real time to offer promotions, gather data, or send alerts.

Increase Revenue

Drive up the bottom line by connecting offerings with guest. Automatically alert a guest of an ongoing sale as they approach, or ask for feedback via an automatic survey.


Make data driven decisions by understanding your guest with reports on movements, metadata, engagements, and interest.

Scalable Solution

Our platform grow with you. Limitless scalability, pay only for what you need.



Start with our base platform

  • - Expo Guide
  • - 3D Maps
  • - Social Media Feeds
  • - In-App Promo System
  • - 5 iBeacons
  • - 10 NFC Chips
  • - 25 Push Notifications
  • - Monthly Analytic Reports



Add our automation system to improve engagements and expand tracking

  • - Geofences
  • - 100 iBeacons
  • - 200 NFC Chips
  • - 250 Push Notifications
  • - Survey System



Expand with experiences for your guest

  • - Augmented Reality
  • - Real time live chat
  • - Turn by turn nav
  • - Vehicle Finder
  • - Camera face filters



Direct access to portals

  • - Admin portal
  • - Analytics portal
  • - Real time live support