RallyTek By ParksAndTek

Apps for Road Rallies, allowing you to connect with participants and fans. Display routes, destinations, social media, drivers, sponsors and more!


Help participants visulize the rally route. Route information can be hidden until the day of, or based on specific rally scheduling.


Help everyone know who else is participating, showing name, vehicle, and social media info.

Built in Chat

Built in real time live chat allows fans to chat about the event. A seperate chat for only participants allows those in the rally to easily communicate.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to participants/drivers and fans seperately, allowing you to send updates about the rally, or simply connect with fans.


Allow everyone to stay connected with your social media! Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and news feed integrations.


Great new platform to give information about the rally, as well as giving your sponsors a new platform to connect.


Customized apps will create parity with your rally branding. Including colors, logos, imagery, and map styles.

Map Data

Built in custom maps including exact rally route and stops, gas stations on route, locations of chats, and optionally driver locations.

Video Demo


  • Visualize the rally
  • Connect fans and participants
  • Bult in Chat
  • Driver and sponsor exposure
  • Push Notificaitons
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