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Parks&Tek for Resorts

Bring your park into the modern digital age to drive a better guest experience, increase revenue and engagement, while opening up new powerful analytics avenues.

Happier Guest

Our apps will help your guest tap into everything your parks offers, improving their experience while driving up engagement. Bi-Weekly updates keep your technology up-to-date.

Increase Revenue

Tap into powerful technology to connect the right deals and offers with the right guest, at the right time. Automate and track offers made and connected.

Learn from your guest

Leverage our guest analytics platform to understand how guest move and interact with your park. Use this data to make powerful data driven decisions.

Automatic Surveys

Using advanced geo-fences, iBeacons, NFC Tags, and contextual data, we can automatically deliver surveys to help you gather feedback directly from your guest in real time.

App Features

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Intuitive Map Guide

Help guest visualize all your attractions, get navigation directions, and view how transportation will get them across the resort.

Hyper Contextually Aware

Advance awareness of guest context allows the app to make recommendation at the right time and place. Our proprietary systems allow for the use of geo-fences, iBeacons, NFC Tags, guest context, and outside factors to make these recommendations.


Advanced app feeds allow for your guest to stay aware of what's nearby, park and show times, current and upcoming weather, weather alerts, as well as your own provided offers, alerts, and messaging.

Augmented Reality

Open up a new visual interactive experiences for guest while exploring the park.

Social Media

Drvie more followers and views to your social media channels by giving guest access within a few taps!

Attraction Details

Provide guest will attraction details, imagery, ratings, Youtube videos, 'Street Views', open/closure status, and provide offers while viewing.

Interactive Branded Camera

Give guest a new interactive channel by tapping into the built-in camera that create branded imagery with frames and face filters.


Have a sister resort? Easily cross-promote your resort natively within the apps. Helping keep your guest aware as well as driving engagement across your offerings.

Geo-Aware Chat Room

Allow guest to expand interactions by tapping into the geo-aware real time live chat system.

Advanced Tech

Tap into geo-fences, iBeacons, NFC Tags, and push notifications to automatically push content directly to your guest.

And much more!

Our dynamic, flexible platform opens up unlimited possibilities.


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