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Parks&Tek for Theme Parks

Deliver a modern digital age platform to drive a better guest experience, increase revenue and engagement, while opening up new powerful analytics avenues.

Happier Guest

Our apps will help your guest tap into everything your park offers, improving their experience while driving up engagement. Bi-Weekly updates keep your technology up-to-date.

Increase Revenue

Tap into powerful technology to connect the right deals and offers with the right guest, at the right time. Automate and track offers made and connected.

Learn from your guest

Leverage our guest analytics platform to understand how guest move and interact with your park. Use this data to make powerful data driven decisions.

Automatic Surveys

Using advanced geo-fences, iBeacons, NFC Tags, and contextual data, we can automatically deliver surveys to help you gather feedback directly from your guest in real time.


Explore our flexible modules that you can leverage to fit your needs


Use of contextual data will give your users a Google Assistant type feed giving them park info, hours, closures, weather, nearby attractions, and more. Themeable 3D map gives you an all new opportunity to deliver a new branded experience while helping guest find all your park offers. Augmented Reality Guide gives your guest a never before seen way to truly visuzlize and find attractions within your park. Tap into our Augmented Reality Ad platform to create new revenue opportunities and drive sales.


Customize everything for colors, map styles, fonts, logos, imagery, messaging, modules used, and branding to make a true digital extension of your park/brand.

Park Map

Provide a digital version of your existing paper park map to give users a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative. As with all other app features, also works offline!

Augmented Reality

Advanced Augmented Reality platform opens up all new opportunities for creating branded experiences, create pre-ride stories, or simply create fun games for your guest.

Social Media

Drive more followers and views to your social media channels by giving guest access within a few taps! Our platform will also measure these critical conversions to give all new user insights.


A dedicated section to your partners opens up new opportunities to improve partnership benefits.

Intelligent Assistant

Give your guest a Siri or Alexa style assistant that can give them recommendations, answer their questions, or drive revenue opportunities right within the app!

Seasonal Events

Does your park offer seasonal events? Our platform opens up the opportunity to have an entire section dedicated to your events. All offering in the Guide module are applied here as well, giving a truly interactive experience for your events!

Attraction Details

Provide guest with attraction details, imagery, satellite location, custom ratings, Youtube videos, 'Street Views', open/closure status, nearby attractions, turn by turn navigation to help them find attractions, and opportunities to drive promotional offers.

Interactive Branded Camera

Give guest a new interactive channel by tapping into the built-in camera that create branded imagery with frames and face filters they can then share across social media channels!


Have a sister park? Easily cross-promote your parks natively within the apps. Helping keep your guest aware as well as driving engagement across your offerings.

Geo-Aware Chat Room

Allow guest to expand interactions by tapping into the geo-aware real time live chat system.

Find Car

Give your guest a simple way to get back to their car at the end of the day!

Advanced Tech

Tap into geo-fences, iBeacons, NFC Tags, and push notifications to automatically send content directly to your guest. These powerful technologies can also be leveraged to generate analytic data channels, or measure and improve revenue opportunities.


Tap into our in-app survey system to get automatic real time feedback directly from your guest! Use the geo-fences, iBeacons, or NFC Tags to automatically send surveys to guest. For example, send a survey to a user after they leave a show or exit an attraction.


Our platform gathers user, device, location, network, engagement, geo-fence, iBeacons, NFC Tags, and push notification data opening up a never before seen opportunity to measure and understand how guest are interacting with your park and attractions. Measure conversions, promo engagements, revenue driven, and use this to make data driven decisions.

Partners / Sponsors Map

Give your sponsors and partners an opportunity to directly connect with your guest and users. A clean 3D map will show your guest who and where your partners or sponsors are. Track conversions, offer promotions, and open new revenue generating opportunities.

And much more!

Our dynamic, flexible platform opens up unlimited possibilities. We will continue to expand our module offerings.


Explore some examples of how our platform can drive returns for your park!

Sale Alert

Use an iBeacon to trigger an app notification to let the user know of a 20% off special at a shop they are passing by.

Queue Experience

Using our in-app Augmented Reality view, create a digital portal at the entrance of a queue for an attraction to deliver an all new immersive experience for your guest. Check out our demo video for an example of this!

Guest Gatherings

Use Geo-Fences to see how your guest move throughout your park, to help you understand path pain points within your park.

Show Reviews

Using location and time, prompt guest to complete a survey as they are leaving a show. Helping you gather real time feedback.


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